Your Gateway To Story

Behind every piece of art I have made there is a story. 

Because art is a gateway to an alternate reality, either one that is to come or one that is inside the mind of the creator, a story is always present.

Art as a gateway to an experience is particularly true for me when it comes to plein aire watercolor painting.

Untitled 04
When I had just gotten out of college and moved to Columbus I started painting in local parks. I found the experience to be fun, yet scary at the same time. Shameless panhandlers would walk up and try to scam me out of money or I would get the casual admirer. On occasion, I would have friends come along.

When I painted, Untitled 04, it was a unique experience. Early on I was new to the craft and had a share of challenges in the painting process. These compositional and material challenges were met head on when on my second trip to the park, I found that the grounds people had removed the main subject of my piece, a yellow or red flower, I cannot remember.

In spite of myself I painted an imaginary flower as the star of the piece. For any flower enthusiast out there you may say that you have never seen a flower like that before. Well, if it brings you any comfort you can look to the classical masterpieces that make baby Jesus look like a short man with toned muscles and say that "good art requires a great imagination for it to be great". That you will find in spades here.

For the record, I do not consider Untitled 04 a masterpiece. However, I cherish the piece, because it was one of my first successful pieces after college and it has a great story.

When you first pick up a paintbrush to paint your first watercolor painting consider that the story behind your piece can carry as much weight as the portrayal alone.  Check your calendar, if you are in Columbus on Wednesdays, March 6-27* and I will be glad to guide you through your first painting experience. Click here to sign up, class size is limited: Postcard Painting Class.

*Meets at the Vineyard Community Center 6000 Cooper Rd. Westerville, OH 43081, RM 208 --6:30-8 pm Wed. March 6-Wed. March 27. Bring three 4"*6" color photos of an exciting life experience and I will teach you to paint a 9"*6" postcard to hang on your wall or send through the mail.

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