Speckled Forest is a manifestation of  my revisiting and trial and error with gouache. I am most comfortable with watercolor, I want to find the benefits of the differences and similarities between the two. The similarities  is this piece with my other watercolor pieces is the transparencies and the ease of the brush sprinkling technique. See FINE ART OF ALEX FERREE for more art.
In this case I used the technique liberally.

 Happy Summer Flowers & Little Girls
Experimentation is never trivial. I used supplies that I have had since elementary school. It entails children's watercolor, cut paper, markers, chalk, and a little oil pastel.

Painted Flowers 1 & 2
Technically this was not much of an experiment. I frequently do blind drawing to loosen up and prepare myself for serious drawing. The unique and perhaps experimental part of this process came in using a larger flat brush and acrylic paint. Blind articulation of shapes and values is difficult with dry media such as pencil or chalk, but an added level complexity is added with paint that is typically thick and chunky and brush that makes detail difficult.