Beyond The Hills

On Memorial Day weekend I visited family in Eastern Indiana. It was still cold. I had just a camera phone to base my light reference off of. 

This was definitely a learning experience.

Working within my limitations, I used what I had. Light frequently changes when you paint outside, so it is preferred to have a secondary reference. 

I enjoy leaving the pencil in heavy so that the texture can show through. This will be a piece that will be showcased at my art show at Cafe International on October 4, in Columbus, OH. 

It will be 6 pm-close. At 6:30 pm I will be doing a painting demo from one of my outdoor photos. It will be an experience all can enjoy.

2361 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43202

Click this link to art show: Cafe International Art Show


Painting Out

Blacklick Metro Park, Reynoldsburg, OH

There is nothing I enjoy more than painting outside, especially in a park or distant wooded place. Exploration is the key. I explore physically and then explore artistically.

Tonight at 6:30 pm I will be the showcased artist for an art demonstration of the above photo at cafe International. It's a great place to try a variety of cultural flavors and enjoy the creative atmosphere. 

I hope to see you there!