A Delicious Painting

Seekers Creek

Seekers Creek was painted at a park down the road from where I live. I had visited this nook before to paint.

On this particular day, the clouds were big and billowing. This fellow and his dog were scavenging the creek bed for something. I do not know what they were looking for.

At about the time of finishing this painting the big black Labrador sauntered over to me. Immediately, it found my paint tray intriguing. Save for the owner's call, the poor dog might've gotten sick off of my watercolor paints.

In my experience, its the kids who find the painting process interesting, but it's the dogs that find my paintings delicious.

This painting will be found in the collection I am showing October 4 at 6 pm, Cafe International. The address is: 2361 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202

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