King Herod Sketch
To see the final acrylic painting click here: And The Darkness Did Not Understand It

Sketches and reference drawings that inspired my 5-20-12 post

Sketches that inspired my 5-13-12 post, Stretch

Added 3-4-12
I made this sketch after the experience to remember it.

Two sketches from my sketch book with concern to runners. I have referenced several sources to get the runners poses.
This clock drawing is the inspiration for the clock in the commons area in The Course.

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Teleki's wife, "Emily" exceeded him in everything. She is a fast runner and he is a middle pack man. She is a smooth and graceful runner, and he is awkward and clunky. She is tidy and he is sloppy. She is gorgeous and he is average. She always wins and he is always in second place. She has a child-like demeanor and he is always demure. Teleki would think of himself as something special for the joy and admiration "Emily" brings into his life. Until, the day that her child-like naivete draws her in to a dangerous relationship. That is where The Course begin.

At the time of this drawing, 8 months later I began to add
attributes of familiar animals. Ones that you would find in fairy and folk tales or fables. Old Mother got the slowest tag and a spiral-esque makeover. This makes her easier to draw.
Teleki's Old Mother started more as a standard looking old woman. Though her appearance is based around the letter "O". At the time of this sketch she grew to be a little more distinct in having similar characteristics to Teleki.
As I began to draw her in the round she developed everything down to her pose and the way she maneuvered, which is an obvious departure from a younger looking woman.

Special Vanishing Point Sketch
As you can see, a special vanishing point can be tricky to find and use. The specific reason that I chose this method was because I did not simply want guess if the windows and doors were equal width along an angled building.