Why You Should Take Pleasure In "Bad" Art

Why should you take pleasure in "bad" art? Without going into any long explanation of what I mean by "bad" I want the reader to reflect on what it means. Then, after you have thought about it for a little while read my bullet points and ask yourself if they are true. And if you determine any of my points to be valid consider what they mean and what you can do to encourage the artists around you.

Already I've said more than intended:
  1. We all make it
  2. The design grid and the golden mean are overrated
  3. We didn't care how good it was when we were kids
  4. Well-respected artists have made it
  5. People make money off of imitating it
  6. You can't make great art without it
  7. The art establishment does not have the final word
  8. Art made without pretension is more fun than art made with obnoxiously high standards
  9. All art movements were considered bad art, before they were the establishment
  10. Creating bad art is better than creating no art at all
  11. Rules were meant to be broken, what's keeping us from breaking all of them?
  12. People hate good art
  13. It's your bias
  14. Your mom likes it
  15. We wouldn't have a standard to judge good art against
  16. Not everyone has the supplies to make good art
  17. Someone has to experiment
  18. Good art is expensive and rare, and bad art is mostly free and all over the place

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