Postcard Painting Class

Have you ever had an experience that you just wanted to soak up. Instead of moving on it was more important just be in at.

Art is a way to distill that experience and make it personal. Since art is a form of expression it will always take on the life that the creator puts into it.

When I teach art, that is what I teach...How to distill your experience through creativity.

Beginning in March, I will be doing a Postcard Painting class at my church's community center. I will be teaching this 4 week class at the Vineyard Community Center in Columbus, OH. You will learn how to paint an expressive watercolor painting based off of your 4"x6" color photo of a natural scene.

Often we do not get a chance to sit back and experiment with our art. We get frustrated at our lack of ability and our lack of perfection. My Postcard Painting class will help you overcome this fear by taking each step slowly. I will do a new painting each week to show the process over and over again. As the weeks progress you take it a step at a time.

You will learn the following artistic skills and walk away with a wonderful piece of art that can be sent through the mail or hung on a wall:

  • How to crop a photo for composition
  • How to pick a photo to paint from
  • How to create a basic value composition
  • Color mixing basics
  • Cool watercolor techniques
  • How to paint and draw from a photo
  • Freedom through expression
Sign up today if you are in the Columbus, OH area. Class size is limited.

You won't forget this experience!

For further details and to register, click here: Vineyard Community Center: Activities-Arts

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