Art Is A Foretaste

At my weekly Bible Study we like to have frequent parties. They tend to be banquet sized potlucks.

Last night I prepared some yummy herb-flavored potatoes. I was a half-hour late. When I arrived the hostess said, "Thank you for bringing snack." I looked around and there were no other dishes on the table.

Much to my surprise our potluck is scheduled for next week. Typically I would have let this failure bother me because I looked like a fool. But God reminded me that this dish that I had brought in was a foretaste of what is to come next week.

 If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ this concept may be a little hard to follow.

Hope is why Christians act. 

Not all of us hope all of the time, but it is our primary disposition. It is something we constantly remind each other of in conversation, preaching, teaching, and singing, ala Amazing Grace.

But our hope is not of this world. Our hope is not an abstract concept. Our hope is in one person, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven that he is ushering in day by day. Yet, Jesus is not the end.

Jesus is a foretaste of greater things to come.

Art is similar to faith in this sense. Art and creativity is a foretaste of greater things to come.

The mirror of the soul is art.

Art reflects back what we believe. It shows the world either what it is or what it could be.

When you sit down and think about the art you are creating or the imagery that you are viewing consider these questions as a starting point: What does this art say about the world I am living in? Does it reflect my values?

If you cannot understand the art in terms of these two things think of how you might accomplish that needed change by either supporting such artists or creating it yourself.

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