On The Art Of Thanksgiving

"Ohhhh, do I feel full. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat again."

We groan after our hearty Thanksgiving meal. It is a blessing in the United States that we have a holiday centered around the generosity of others and a wholesome meal.

However, this memoriam set up by President Lincoln and his Sectretary of State William Seward has its roots in rememberance.

Rememberance after all is a creative tool used throughout history to promote gratitude.

To make rememberance an effective practice throughout the course of the year we can employ a variety of methods to maximize our gratitude. You may want to use several at once or apply only one as it pertains to the subject of which you want to remember to be grateful for.

  • A picture, object, or document denoting the difficult time of which you have just passed through
  • Stories that relay what you went through to those around you
  • Create art inspired by your loss
  • Indulge in the beauty of nature
  • Poetry and songs others have created relaying your circumstance
  • Prayer in any form of which you feel relates your trial
  • Meeting with friends and family who have endured the event with you
  • Humor to ease the pain
  • Celebrations commemorating the loss
  • A physical monument

All these and more help us remember what we went through. Both visual and literal reminders carry the most impact. At the end of the process of remembering (however long it takes) we are able to touch base with our hearts and begin the genuine expression of thanks.

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