Being Teachable: Art

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert

Life will in fact give us curve balls, but not living life is even more miserable. 

We are blessed with a God who has it in his capacity to give us minds to think for ourselves and hearts to feel pain and joy. 

Desperate times require creativity to survive. Have you ever gone out to see a movie after a major tragedy or wrote in your journal after a horrific experience?

Many people in prior eras and other cultures practice art as an escape. In their experience art was neither high nor low. Ben Franklin lauded his father for his ability to draw and Winston Churchill painted for leisure. 

Face it, you were meant to create. 

There is no better reason to create than the fact that life provides the opportunity for us to say something to the world. Art is the shortcut to get us there.

Make art in spite of your struggle or make art because you live. Here are some project ideas that will help you get started:
  • With just an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper and a pen make comic of your day.
  • Cut out magazine images or mailer ads of the full color spectrum and glue them onto a piece of cardboard you have laying around. 
  • Do a drawing with office supplies you have laying around.
  • Illustrate a paragraph from the book you are reading (fiction or nonfiction).
  • Take a font you like from your word processing program and doodle variations on a page of computer paper.
  • Scribble randomly on a piece of paper, then add eyes, ears, nose, hair, and mouth. 
  • Using your word processing program or a simple art making program create compositions out of shapes or clip art. 
These are some simple activities to rev your creative engine. Send me a link to your art, I'd love to show case it here.


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