Being Teachable: Life

Many times we get what we ask for in life. Most of us are not aware of it when it happens.

God is not cruel, but wise. 

He knows better than we do what we need and when we need it.

Track the history of pain in suffering in your life. Was it worth it? Did you change after the fact?

Because God always chooses before we do, He provokes our imaginations to deal with the situation we are going through. 

Our choices are what make the wheels of time turn. 

Our choices are the substance of life and it is not always easy.

Jesus answered the people with parables. He knew that they were not yet ready for the black and white truth. They had to be softened up. Their minds had to be fertile ground for action. 

Most of us are not shrewd enough to take on the naysayers in our difficult times. 

Most of us would rather listen to them and give up, instead of finding different ways to solve our problems.

When life gets difficult and nobody seems to be cheering you on here are some things that I believe will help endure those times:
  • Seek out God for your calling, ask Him what He wants you to do with your life
  • Write down your calling
  • Listen to them with respect, but judge their opinions against reality and your calling
  • Make criticism fuel for stronger determination
  • When difficulty comes and it seems as if you can't endure any longer, take a step back
  • Find people who will listen to you and encourage you
  • Make creativity part of the decision making process
  • Make art in the midst of your struggle
  • Be teachable...especially when you cannot see the answer to your problem

Inevitably, we will all deal with something hard. Life is just the process of going through it. Take these steps and see where they lead. Encourage someone with them.

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