Being Teachable: God

Preaching is not necessary on this point. If we want to be more like God, we have to learn to weather the trials of life that God sends us.

You can work your whole life toward some supposed level of perfection and never achieve it. We are not that good. 

But when we set our eyes on being righteous (separate in our minds and attitudes) then we move toward being more like God.

For any creative person this lets us be more in touch with the reality of which we interpret. When we offer ourselves up to be more like God we will have our vision changed.

The ways this change of vision helps us as creatives are this:

  • Connection with the suffering people around us
  • The challenge of starting over brand new
  • New opportunities realized
  • Humility beyond belief
  • Working with what is available
  • Depending on God for what we do not have
Do you see a connection between your creativity and being taught by God? What is your story?

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