Wise Artists

Grasping for wisdom is hard.

Wisdom is both intellectual and spiritual.

Knowledge stays with you in your mind. It is remembering.

Wisdom is driven from your heart to your mind.

You can know something in 2 ways.

When you know with your mind, it is knowledge.

When you know with your heart, it is wisdom.

Why is wisdom hard and knowledge easy?

Comparatively, wisdom is hard and knowledge is easier. Sometimes to have knowledge you must go and inquire. Interviewing can be easy, but direction is primary. Where do you go? Who do you talk to? This can be hard.

Wisdom comes with experience.

You have no head knowledge of something and yet gain wisdom.

We are in a society driven by head knowledge without moral character. In fact, we are in an information and even data driven culture. Base knowledge drives the culture.

The honest application of wisdom results in moral character.

If you are an artist, moral character will help you deal with your own issues and the issues that come from other people.

In the most difficult situation, you will make the right choice. This will result in favor.

Our moral character as artists will determine the content of our art.

The content of our art will change hearts and minds and will improve the world. 

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