Wisdom AND Knowledge

I have been experiencing a shift in my thinking over the last 5 years.

A lot of it has come reading the book of Proverbs written mostly by King Solomon and his cohorts.

Before, I thought that knowledge was enough to get by in life.

Knowledge is accumulated facts that make sense together.

You can collect facts, but have no real knowledge.

Trivia are seemingly insignificant facts.

More important, knowledge can be trivial if you do not know how to apply it.

Wisdom is the application and experience gained from applying knowledge.

Conventional wisdom is passed down or regurgitated wisdom.

People use common sense to determine if a choice lines up with the natural way of things.

Common sense is a bare minimum form of conventional wisdom. It is easily tested.

But who tests conventional wisdom or common sense anymore?

In ancient times, Israelites had prophets, judges, scribes, and rabbis. Hindu's had gurus. In the Greco-Roman world there were philosophers. Medicine men, wise men, and sages of all varieties helped guide day-to-day life.

They all pretty much had one thing in common...they derived their wisdom from the spiritual.

In the Christian church today we have pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles to guide in the same manner.

We have done a great job as artists passing down knowledge.

There is a lot conventional wisdom, facts, and studies passed around for the artist's benefit.

But, is there any real wisdom for artists to grasp? Can artists go above and beyond knowledge of craft and business to actually being people of moral character? Does moral character have to be private or can we let our wisdom shine?

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