A Disciplined Illustrator

Since I decided to make this site about illustrating most exclusively I had a vision of providing information directly from my experiences as an illustrator. Unlike prior posts here and posts on the sister site TheOWLE.Wordpress.com this information is neither purely a narrative account of being an artist, nor is it purely knowledge based instruction.

My vision for Exempla Vitae is to pass on wisdom attained from pursuing a full-time career as an illustrator.

I occasionally do one shot watercolor class, but mostly my activities have been based in cartooning for Bacon Wrapped Frog (BaconWrappedFrog.Wordpress.com), freelance, plein air painting, and personal projects.

The goal I wish to achieve is to have passive income (ongoing), freelance work (frequent commissions), gallery shows (maybe 2 a year), and a business in which I get to collaborate with creatives from other persuasions on unique and groundbreaking projects and products.

An artist must be disciplined and learn not only the craft and creativity behind their work, but must learn to be quick and technical. An illustrator must learn to balance using their style and process in such a way as to please their client or themselves if they have a personal project.

My time is divided between learning from other artists, ala copying their work in studies; learning anatomy; drawing animals; cartooning; and executing freelance work for other people.

Make no mistake learning to illustrate is central. No matter if I paint from life or draw from my imagination it all plays a role in learning the art and craft of storytelling visually.

I use time first thing in the morning and a 30 Day Art Challenge to keep me disciplined. Squeezing time in never really works, but finishing what you start and pursing passion and purpose over duty works even better.

Duty works if your attitude is set in that direction. Yet, you cannot turn off your emotions when creating work. Daily steps have to be taken to pursue one goal.

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