Where Do Solutions Come From?

I want to clarify some points on learning, giving, submission, and position and how being where you are at now can be an advantage where you will go next.

Six years ago when I was laid off, I had a hard time disciplining myself to find a job.

Each week, my unemployment pay off required that I apply for 2 jobs in my field a week.

Well, one of the jobs I applied for was a delivery driver at an auto parts store.

My nerves and tiredness from worry, fear, and a varying schedule got to me. I hated my situation: "This couldn't be God's plan, could it?"

I scratched a couple of delivery vans in the midst of my weakness.

This offense caused me to get demoted and my hours significantly reduced.

Ironically, ended up as an early morning stock boy. I enjoyed this a little more.

I was responsible, with a team of guys to shelve auto parts in the shelves in the back of the store.

With my hours reduced, I resumed job hunting.

I got an interview, where I currently work.

As a result of my failures and my proven skills in shelving categorically and organizationally it reflected on my resume. 

After I had gotten the job, my supervisor told me that this skill set was the primary reason that I got the job.

This is not about your resume, but your character. Take advantage of all applicable skills you can on your resume, don't leave one out.

But realize that you are an artist and you can create solutions to problems.

Where do those solutions come from?

God and your experiences...No one else can give them to you.

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