Art and Pain

I am on this journey toward a somewhat ambiguous goal: to serve the world with art.

I don't much have a desire to save the world, but to leave it a little better than what it was when I entered. With God's grace, this is possible.

So, I get frustrated with not knowing where exactly I am going.

I go on detours that almost always lead to the same conclusions about art:

This would be easier if I spent more time dedicating my life to art

Well, I don't have enough money to support myself in the process and I'm not too keen on taking gifts from public coffers, free or loaned

But, it's clear, I have always and it will continue to be true that I need others help to succeed in the business of art

It seems that most people don't value my art enough to fund what I am doing, no matter if I do a free blog post each week showing people what I am capable of doing- giving them additional information for their benefit

So, I either have to continue being miserable in my rut and work on the same things more or get a better job and save up again and risk being in a miserable rut somewhere else

What do I do?

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