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I am starting a watercolor instruction business, The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience (OWLE). As a move to become more visible I am taking certain opportunities to showcase my abilities. 

This weekend I will have a piece of my art for sale at the art 4 abolition auction at the Salon Hotel Lily in Columbus, Ohio's Short North arts district.

I would like very much for many people to be in attendance and buy art, not just because it is a good cause, but because they love art and believe it improves their lives. 

Some people collect because of the increasing monetary value of certain styles of art. That is not a horrible reason, but it is better if they genuinely value the art on a personal level.

Last year I bought my first piece of art at the Columbus Arts Festival. I have to say that it was a liberating experience.

I found this particular piece of art by Shannon Godby to be refreshing and inspiring. It is 3 simple trees on a horizon. It has a mix of colors and pungent values. It is a little painting I have hanging in my little room. That makes my room look huge. Every once in a while I stop to study the simple features of the painting and I am re-energized by it's content. It makes my day a little brighter.

I implore those who love art to dig a little deeper and ask themselves why they love art. 

Ask yourself these sorts of questions: Does having an original piece of art improve my life? What do I get out of the experience? How does having that piece of art improve the lives of those around me? Do I want to see more art from this artist? How do I value art? What is a comparison I can make to products and services I purchase already to attaining that art?

When you find your passion as an art lover you will likely want to buy more art like that. 

Sometimes you will not be able to pay full price for the art you love, but you may be able to buy a print or book of art. However you buy art, I'd suggest paying the artist in whatever manner gives the artist the most value for their products. 

In my case I'll have an art piece for sale and it will be sold as part of a collection in a book. Both go toward art 4 abolition, so the value it brings to me is mass exposure. So don't just buy one book, buy many and distribute them to everyone you know.

So here are the details:
The opening for the art auction will be on June 1 at the Hotel Salon Lily. They are located at 864 N High St, Columbus, OH in the Short North. It will be 7-10 pm. Art 4 abolition will auction off the art and also sell books of art to support their cause. The show started at the beginning of May and will be up until the end of June 2013. The art 4 abolition website is: http://www.art4abolition.org/

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