100% Original

I've been pretty sick and exhausted the last couple of weeks.

There really hasn't been much time to post my whereabouts.

Last weekend, inspite of my illness I volunteered at the Columbus Arts Festival.

In congruence with my goal of starting The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience, I learn much about my craft-watercolor and business from art festivals.

Art festivals are great learning grounds for this marrying of art and commerce. 

I have yet to decide whether festivals are a venue I want to try. As one of the people I volunteered with said, you almost have to have a traveler's lifestyle to make a living from festivals.

There are many people who sell primarily prints and or giclee, but also, a surprising number who sell 100% originals.

Selling the volume of originals necessary to make a living at the festivals is quite a task.

The crazy thing about those selling and creating such a mass volume of original works is that they
were not overbearing sales people. If I was making the type of money I hope to be making a year from now, I would have bought at least a small original, from each one that I was impressed with.

If I have to put the lesson in words that I have learned from art festival salespeople it is this: The hard work required to do this breeds some sort of humility and character in the creatives that choose this as a route to earn income.

The take away: Great character grows out of hard work and profit follows the quiet confidence from the security of doing work you are proud of.

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