Simplicity 2

I like to show the perforated and raw edges of these little studies. It reminds me of the importance of keeping it basic and fundamental when creating works of art. 

When you study art you will be overwhelmed by the Sistine chapel, Greek statues, and Egyptian architecture. I tell you that even those creatives had to learn the basics. 

Don't get mired in the details. Find the simplest way to accomplish your central goal. 

What is your goal?

I have a friend who has a representational self-portrait hanging on his wall he did years ago. Yet, he has made money selling the art he loves doing. It is basic, symbolic, and folksy along the lines of Chagall. 

The more I study watercolor, the more impressed I am at the number of people who take liberties with representation. 

The easiest path for most of us is a straight line. 

When you sit down to create your next masterpiece consider the value in keeping to negative spaces (click the phrase to follow the link for a post on the topic) and what 1 color can accomplish.

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