Long term goals keep you from being frustrated 
by small term failures. ~Unknown

Let's just say you took watercolor painting class and you walked away wondering what you were thinking.

All the reasons for being a horrible artist crop back up out of your barely suppressed conscience.

What do you do?

I know that after a dozen years of creating watercolor paintings, the same thing still happens to me.

Don't burn your brushes or tear up your paintings!

Think about the lessons that you have learned and the ones you didn't.

If you have a painter you idolize, consider the reverse of the coin.

This time you did not make it to their level, but they did not either their first time or probably even their 10th time.

At the point when your frustration peaks write out your questions and seek the answers of those that you cannot resolve.

Always start with where you are at and go forward.

You can go forward by seeking help from a fellow painter, a teacher, a web tutorial, a book, or you could even write to me.

I have enjoyed the process and challenge of creating a watercolor painting from the beginning and what has kept me going was the exciting possibilities at the end of each piece.  Every now and again I go back to my catalog of old pieces and I remark at what I have learned and how far I have come.

Keep at it. You do not know where it will lead you.

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