What Do Cartoonists Eat?

Many times I bring you the facts of creating and the process of thinking about creating, but today I thought I would change it up and bring you facts about the sustenance of a creative. If you can say that 10 times fast I'll give you a prize!

Usually whats eating a cartoonist is eating him because he hasn't eaten or slept (another blog post). Creative blocks are created by stress, hunger, and lack of sleep. Contrary to popular belief, cartoonists are not robots. But sometimes we think we are. So I understand the misconception.

When cartoonists are not eaten by anxiety and are apt to create a lot, what do they eat? No there isn't magic dust in our Cheerios or lightning in our mashed potatoes. We often eat what others eat. I drew this diagram the other day to demonstrate my point. I'll expound a little below, because I know that quick sketches are sometimes hard to read. Enjoy!

This isn't a daily routine for me, but the process of deciding what to eat usually is. I get off my part-time job after midday most days and I am usually revved up to create. After a couple of years without much money and figuring that eating out added up in the wallet and in the waist, I started going back to what I knew worked as a child. I had to find a fast healthy way to get the nutritional value I needed to create for about 4 hours (usually in the afternoon).

Recently I reverted to cold-cut sandwiches and soup. One, they are tasty if you know how to prepare them. Two, they are fast or require little preparation (a benefit for anyone on a time crunch). Three, little clean-up, little mess.

My sandwich is usually composed of wheat bread toast, cold cut turkey/ham, lettuce, onion, Thousand Island dressing, pickles, and sometimes other herbs or random things on hand. Flavor makes all the difference. No flavor, I won't eat it. When I have time I add extra veggies as a side, french fries, or rolls (something quick and hot). I drink water most of the time, but the Bolthouse smoothies are great when they're on sale. I eat a dessert item if I have it or have made it recently.

What time saving tips do you have concerning meals in the midst of a busy creative schedule?

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