Royal Colors

The day that I started using a limited palette was the day that I started getting watercolor and color usage in general. I do not claim mastery, but the basics applied always make for a better painting or piece of art. Because I have consistently been working on my comic book, I have only been able to work with color to a minor degree. Most of them are quick studies. Still painting with color brings my heart joy.

Some day I will be combining illustration and fine art, comics and watercolor, and mix medias at will to get the look I desire. Until that day I will continue my small form experiments. It is in fact this ability that makes the most of my imagination. What is your curiosity?

In my small experiment I chose just 3 colors.  My  colors were yellow ochre, lemon yellow, and purple. The color choice was rather secondary to the internal argument as to whether I should have a cool painting or a warm one. Nonetheless, the gold sky and the purple trees seemed to be apt to describe the beauty of God's creation and identify the fact that he gave it to us as stewards. Check out the full image by clicking on this link: We Must Be Royalty.

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