Cartoonist In The City

Whenever possible I partake in community events. This past weekend I went to Columbus's Cultural Arts Center's Bicentennial Ball celebrating Columbus's 200 years of existence.

In new settings its a great joy to record and document what is going on. This is especially rewarding when there is cool architectural flourishes, unique angles, and a variety of people.

I, for one, do not discriminate in material usage. If it is in my sketchbook, all the more reason to experiment. Whether it's a green Crayola marker or a toothbrush with an odd pigment, I consider the challenge worth my time.

On top of it all, it was great to hang out with friends, see old friends, meet new people, see great art, and enjoy some of the best food you can find in Columbus, OH. This type of setting is in fact where life can be the most inspiring to create art.

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