Fueling A Passion For Creating Art

It's been almost a year since I last posted.

I'd have to say things have changed in significant ways.

I have come from saying "Well maybe, God wants me to create art for a living" to "It's becoming more obvious every day that I am on the right path."

This new found hope in selling art has fueled a new level of passion for art.

If anyone tells you, you are a sell out for making real money off of your art, shut them out. Try not to talk about your struggles and goals around them. Only talk about your success.

Art elitists are in a cesspool of self-righteousness. Most of them either gave up on art a long time ago or stand with a speculative group of like-minded individuals and think it is their right to judge what an artist should or should not be.

Teaching is a creative profession and business has a different level of creativity not experienced by most people these days. If you are wondering why our American economy is going sour, check politicians comments about businesses. Not to mention the general public that have a hazy-eyed view of what purpose business serves. Not much real optimism to be found.

Getting a check, even a small check for your work is justification enough for you to move forward on your career.

Selling Art 101:

  1. Show your art
  2. Talk about it if the need arises
  3. Someone takes notice and initiates an offer
  4. Work with them on the offer if you can
  5. They hand you money and you hand them your art
Ultimately, my goal is to be an independent artist. This means that I will use all of the skills, talents, abilities, opportunities, and resources at my disposal within God's will and my own human limits to become an artist not dependent on outside help or governmental incentives.

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