The Egg

Like Schroedinger's cat, an egg is an apt symbol for unknown potential.

Originally when I was reimagining this blog, I thought it would be included in the visual content.

After much heartache I disposed of the idea of the egg.

The egg for me is a parallel symbol to the owl of my OWLE logo.

Though I flip-flop still a little about the role that cartooning and illustration will play in my life and career, I am certain of this -that they must momentarily take a backseat.

You see, every book I've read, every interview I've heard, and every art friend I know has had to struggle along the path of ambiguity to achieve their art dreams.

Art is not made cheaply, but it is often viewed as inexpensive and easy to make.

One artistic vision has the potential to change the current of the culture.

That vision is what I am striving for. Be it watercolor, comics, illustration, or writing or whatever passion my heart is driven to.

How will it happen?

Where will I be?

What will that vision become?

When the egg cracks what is inside? A dove, a pigeon, an eagle, a platypus, or maybe even a sea monster?

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