The Long Uphill Trek

Things ain't like they use ta' be.

Starting a business is no joke. 

Time, money, energy, and resources are required to push forward. 

Every day is a new battle to go forward.

When you see that something isn't working, it takes character to change.

So what have I been doing while not regularly updating this blog?

  • Scouting painting sites
  • Going to art events
  • Painting live in a restaurant
  • Painting live at a garden tour
  • Keeping my e-mail list up to date on my happenings
  • Built a website
  • Created a logo
  • Preparing for the class
  • Responding to e-mail queries
  • Writing out goals and objectives
  • Studying marketing
  • Research, Research, Research
  • Lots of conversations with other business people
  • Going for it
  • Fighting doubt
  • Asking lots of questions
  • Trying to visualize a better future
  • Writing surveys
  • Writing a curriculum
  • Recruiting
  • Praying a lot
  • Writing out ideas
  • Working on Visual Sanctuary
  • Solving new problems
  • Watching Bob Ross
  • Talking to artists
  • Trying to rest properly and failing

...I'm sure that I am leaving a lot out, but you get the picture. Any questions? Please contact me at mstudioartworks@gmail.com.

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