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Simple Questions Detail
In my lifetime of experience of creating art, leading artists, teaching art, and soon to be a seller of art and art services I have found one profound activity that keeps me going: Simple Questions.

If we do not ask ourselves the basic questions necessary for getting to our goals we will not ever grow or achieve what we set out for.

Exempla Vitae in its conception was supposed to be about my comic book, The Course; however, I found that talking about the cold hard facts of the process was not enough.

Exempla Vitae has turned the corner a couple of times, but what I am trying to accomplish through this blog comes down to 2 simple questions: Can I write content about art and the creation of art that is interesting and teachable? What value is it to those who read my blog?

In a post a I did in January, The Big "YOU", I talked about putting myself in a place to help people with their creative goal setting as it pertained to pleasure, purpose, performance, pain, and profit. The pain and profit category are what I am discovering now through a business venture.

Life is sometimes easier to look at (at least retrospectively) in terms of themes.

But life is more interesting to look at in terms of the future with questions.

If you can look at your goals and dreams and assert a question about it, then you will have a defined path you can travel. In spite of  the twists and turns on that journey it will be worth the pain and agony of getting there.

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