You Are Dangerous

What do you have?

With 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish Jesus made a feast for more than 5000 people.
With water Jesus made wine.
And with 12 average and very flawed guys He made great leaders.

The lesson is this: If you submit to Jesus as your Lord and savior He will give you everything you need.

But don't expect perfect little packages that are always bright and shiny.

No, He will use what you have.

Often what we have we are unwilling to give up.

It gets messy.

Don't look on the outside first. Look on the inside.

That is where the change will begin. That is where Jesus will work first.

But there's more!

You are who you are, because God authored it.

We think we are less compared to those around us because we don't have the same gifts as they do.

That is a lie from Satan, the enemy of all men. Yes, he is real and dangerous.

Before you choose Jesus, His father, God chose you.

He made you for something. He made you creative!

Look around you. What do you have?

If you are poor, your poverty gives you sobriety. If you are rich, your wealth provides opportunity. If you are middle class, you have more than enough resources.

Consider a pencil and paper the most dangerous tools you have. Because in the USA and most other parts of the world we all have that, if not it can be easily attained.

Pencil and paper can change hearts. They can create breathtaking images and inspire men to greatness. It can express your inner most emotions and resolve major conflicts.

Pencil and paper can also be used to birth things in your imagination. It can express experiences in your life.

Surrender to God and He will move mountains for you to get where you are supposed to be. But He will start with planting insane ideas in your head. Those ideas have to have some outlet. You will be dangerous, but you have to start somewhere.

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  1. Alex, you have certainly given me food for thought.!!!!! As I have grown older and hopefully wiser, the reality that my personal purpose in life has to be expressed in ways that lifestyle has hitherto been impossible. Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword, but I had not considered the pencil. Thank you