4 Again

It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, 
but a life time to paint like a child. 
 ~Pablo Picasso

 I have been listening to this wonderful book called Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo.

In this true story he relays the situation under which his son, Colton, goes to Heaven at age 4...without dying.

This week I was asked by some ministries in my church to help them build a construct out of recycled materials to promote Earth Day and sell some bags for the bookstore.

To be 4 again!

Can it get much better than that?

Only after being born again can we fully understand the joy of regressing to a child again.

When you are 4 years old you have no expectations. You do not carry the worries of life on your shoulders. You are young enough to only expect that someone else will provide for your needs. You ask questions without worrying whether it was the right question. Learning is paramount. And you are not judgmental.

Pablo was right. 
Only after studying our lifetime to be something we are probably not supposed to be do we realize going back to the fundamentals makes life more meaningful. 

Can you be Raphael and think like 4 year old?

I believe so. That is why I invest in adults who have lost that part of their childhood. That is why we are making a tree out trash next week. Because being 4 again will be Heaven.


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