The Anxiety Machine

We do not always get what we choose. We do not always get an actual choice. Contrary to what many people believe, others often will choose for us without our permission.

The Anxiety Machine was built as a way to solve that problem. Rube Goldberg had a little to do with it, but so did motivational speakers and pastors.

What do we do when someone chooses for us?
Old Tree By The River
1. Move on
2. Be productive in some way we choose
3. Choose to forgive
4. Rest
5. Pray
6. Learn how to be constructive in spite of the situation
7. Live
8. Refuse to make the same choice if in a similar situation
9. Be compassionate

1. Slander the other party
2. Get revenge
3. Hold a grudge
4. Fight
5. Try to forget that it ever happened
6. Destroy something
7. Hurt someone

The choice is yours. 
Which way will you pull the lever?

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