Important Formation

Rock Formation, detail
At the end of the summer of 2005 I considered my dreams smashed and my life more or less a failure. I had to scramble to find somewhere to live and look for a job, again. Life was spelled RISK.

For months I walked to my new job in a call center dreaming of the country air and the mysterious forests. I dreamed of autonomy, trust, and creativity. All of which seemed to be robbed from me after the end of my summer camp job. I wanted to go back every day for almost 2 full years. Then the dreaming started to fade.

My life became a navel staring contest with those just as depressed as myself who longed for more than what a stable 9-5 job meant. The loss of confidence in what I was capable of was deteriorated by what I thought I could be based on my circumstances.

This was true in regard to my career, but God started a new work on me shortly thereafter. He gave me a comic project that has almost directly coincided with leadership in the arts ministry. The important formation began at that time and has continued to grow my hope and smash my fears.

This weekend my new found hope in my calling was changed by a self-initiated trip to Hock Hills in Southern Ohio. There, I explored and found a new site and a picture of my future. RISK now gives way to ADVENTURE. Out of this trip I saw the possibility of what life can become. I am not always directed by the winds of other people's choices. Rather I have freedom to pursue the adventures that I deem worthy. And out of this freedom will I venture into new mistories and experience life as God intends.

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