What Are You Teaching?

To teach is the greatest act of sharing a person can give.

Selfishly, I teach.

Yes, giving can be a selfish thing.

Not just in a self-gratifying way, but in the sense that you can be an empty vessel ready to receive at any time and love the process.

I teach to learn.
Which way are they going?

You can teach to learn as well.

People are much more willing to share what they know if you are open about what you know first.

We live in a closed off world.

The internet makes everything and everyone deceptively close, but it is not.

Relationships still have to happen in the real world to be meaningful.

Teaching is an out-of-the-box way to get information, to make friends, and grow.

The number one rule of teaching is that you have to show the people who trust you with their time and/or money something you already know.

Can you draw a smiley face well?

Can you paint a picture?

Can you challenge a person's thinking about art?

If you can do any of these things, you can be a teacher.

What are you teaching?

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