Ask The Artist

I don't really get stage fright when I am doing a live painting.

I have painted hundreds of times, live.

In fact there are times when I was painting and I thought I was alone, but people have walked up to me to ask a question.

Photo by Heidi W.
With the dozen or so people watching and asking questions on Friday October 4th, I felt like God was cementing the value of my art.

Sure Bob Ross made millions off of his products and books, but he always painted for free. 

The one thing I am truly striving for is to find something that people value- A cross-section between the art I create and what people will pay for.

I really want more people to see my art and ask questions. 

I really want to serve with my gifts, so if you have some question that you would like to air on the art making process. Send it to me- mstudioartworks@gmail.com.

In the mean time: Check out my art show if you are in or going through Columbus, OH in October 2013- Cafe International Show.

If you can't get out to it, check it out online: Cafe International Art Show.

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