Finding Patterns And Blowing Up Expectations

Congratulations, you made it to 2013!

One of the compelling things about being an artist is the fact that you get to create your own reality. 

I don't mean this in any sort of New Age philosophy way, but the fact is when we change the way people see, we change their reality. We blow up expectations. That is our most important contribution to the world.

The transcendent qualities of art allow people to perceive the world in a different light.

There once was an old farmer who had a hole in his roof. On sunny hot days he would sit inside his little shack and stay out of the crippling heat, never thinking about the hole. 

One day a horrible storm came through the countryside and blew and blew and blew destroying crops and tearing trees out of the ground. That same farmer sat in his house on that and said to himself, "I'll fix that roof when it is sunny."

When we set our minds to it and make goals and plans we are proactive. When we simply ignore the problem at hand we keep ourselves from damage temporarily, but miss the bigger picture in times of crisis.  
Art is proactive when it casts a new vision.

Patterns are an important part of casting a vision. In oversimplified form, such as these, patterns can be easily understood.

 If you can perceive the similarities in a field of the same thing you can isolate them and create relationships.

Warm tone blocks in a field of cool gray can create a striking contrast.
Similarly, when not so obvious patterns emerge out of fields of the same, you create a more interesting dynamic.

The variation  of similar colors and values creates different levels and layers for the eyes to follow.

So what is it about patterns that blow people's expectations?

Patterns are simple and that is what most people don't get. We are trained to make life dramatic. We think that solutions to problems require intricate answers.  Next time you view a piece of art or create some of your own open your mind to the patterns that you see and you will start to understand a new vision.

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