Resetting The Trajectory

Over 2 months ago my roommates and I had a dispute with our landlords about their new surprise policy which was presented at the time wished to consider renewing our lease. A red flag rose when they were unwilling or unable to explain this policy, which had very severe consequences for us if we complied. We were dumbfounded as five year renters. In a sudden trump of our bargaining ability they decided that they should kick us out. They gave us the month of May.

This was the studio space set-up at the townhouse.
On the very same day that their surprise decision to kick us out happened, God vindicated us. He provided another residence to rent. Surprising me that it was through someone I know and had built a friendship with. God also worked out all of the moving logistics almost as quickly. Needless to say we are still unpacking and adjusting.

I had goals and plans and thought that the transition would be much easier. The thing is about moving, whether its 2 miles away or 200 miles away you still have to adjust. You have to relearn how to move about in your new space. You may have to formulate new ways to get things done. If you are closer to work or further away, you have to reset travel time, food arrangements and so on. Your life is one big reset and it is exciting. But it is also hard.

My new creative space is in our basement. Suprising, we have more space and will set up library soon.

The one lesson that I have learned is that moving is an opportunity. It simplifies life for a while. It also makes you think and act differently. New behaviors can be good. The new behaviors can be directed and serve a purpose. I learned a lot about forethought and clutter reduction. All things necessary to being a more productive and profitable artist.

For the time, while I'm resetting the trajectory of my life blog posts may be sparse. My new posting schedule will be unhatched soon, but for now I have got to shake out my priorities and prepare for the next big shift in my life...Business!

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