Growing Older

Each stage of progression in creating a work of art requires struggle. It requires a change of thinking about what you had prior accepted as the only way to accomplish the task you have set out to do.

Teleki's Old Mother is no exception. It is true that she has always been old even in the first character designs I did for her in 2007. Yet, with time she has aged in an interesting way. She has become a character instead of a caricature of someone I know. There is an important difference. Old Mother had at first a flat personality. She was very generic. Even in the first drafts of the story, she was not relatable. Today, she is both a caring mother and somewhat stuck in her old ways. She is wise at the same time she is incredibly narrow-minded. She only wishes to help her poor son Teleki in his difficult time of need, but cannot help but make him feel more miserable.

If you look in my Sketches page you will see the gradual, but intentional changes that Teleki's Old Mother has gone through over the years.

Over a period of years it has become apparent to me that my skills as a watercolor painter enhance my drawing and inking abilities. Check out my new post on Deviant Art of my recent watercolor, With Garlic On Top.

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